Online Diagnostics

The Diagnostic Process
The primary objective of this facility is to assist service personnel in finding the likely area of a detected trip within the whole vehicle electrical system. It is important to realize that even though the control system is signaling a trip, it may not be the control system itself that is defective. This is because the control system is able to detect problems in other electrical components (motors, batteries, solenoid brakes, etc.) or, more importantly, the wiring to them. When a control system has detected a trip, a system trip is indicated.
Use the Diagnostic Process to identify problems.
Flash Code List
| R-net VSI | VR2 | Pilot+ | S-Drive | Egis | Solo | X25/X30 | Trio+ | I-Drive
If the vehicle you are working with contains a Curtiss-Wright Industrial Group TruCharge battery gauge, these pages will be a valuable working tool. They will enable OEMs, Dealers and Users to identify the area in which their control system has detected a trip, and in some cases even make repairs.
To view the TruCharge diagnostic information specific to the Controller or Control System you are working with, please click above.
Trip Codes
If you have a Trip Code from a Curtiss-Wright Industrial Group Controller or Control System then use the links above. Trip Codes can be read from Handheld Programmer or an vehicle's on-board LCD Screen.
Printable PDF Diagnostic Guides
To download a printable Diagnostic Guide, including relevant help text, please Click Here