Other Conditions

This page covers conditions that are not displayed as trip codes or on the TruCharge display. This may be because:
  • the control system cannot switch on,
  • the condition is not considered critical enough to force a "trip",
  • or the control system cannot detect the condition.
Control System Will Not Switch On
  • Check the battery connections to the control system. If these appear to be good, then the control system may be defective.
Vehicle Drives Slowly or Not At All
This could be caused by one of the following:
  • The control system has been incorrectly programmed.
  • A speed limiting function is active, e.g. seat in a raised position on vehicles fitted with lifting seats.
  • Defective motor or defective brake.
Vehicle Will Not Drive in a Straight Line
  • This could be caused by a defective motor or defective brake.
One Motor or Brake becomes Very Warm
  • This could be caused by a defective motor or defective brake.
Batteries Discharge Very Quickly
The batteries can discharge very quickly for several reasons, these described below.
  • Worn or damaged batteries - check battery condition.
  • Charger defective or incorrect charger being used - check charger operation (refer to vehicle's operating manual).
  • Incorrect batteries being used - refer to vehicle manufacturer's instructions for correct battery types.
  • One motor or brake jamming.
Ambient temperature has a significant effect on battery capacity. Therefore, if the temperature is lower than normal, the vehicle's range will be reduced. In this situation, the TruCharge battery gauge still gives an accurate state-of-charge reading.
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