VSI - Replacement of Cable Assembly

  1. Disassemble the VSI, as described in [ Disassembly of the VSI ]
  2. Note which wire colour goes to which connection and the routing of each wire.

  3. Taking care not to push downwards onto the PCB or to twist the connectors, remove each wire and pull the Cable Assembly away from the VSI
  4. Pre-form the replacement Cable Assembly so the wires are arranged to fit their connection point on the PCB.

  5. Insert the cable grommet into its location on the VSI case.
  6. While minimising the downwards force on the PCB, make each cable connection.
  7. Ensure the wires do not rest against any adjacent connectors or down onto any MOSFET leg.

  8. Reassemble the VSI as described in [ Reassembly of the VSI ]