VSI - Disassembly and identification of Joystick type

  1. Using a TORX10x70 driver, remove the four Case Screws from the bottom of the VSI - two in the front and two in the rear, as shown in the diagram below.

  2. Carefully using a sideways pressure on the Plastic Top, separate the two halves of the VSI. DO NOT separate the halves by more than a few centimetres at this time, as they are internally connected via a wiring loom.
  3. Disconnect the Joystick Cable from the CON15 connector on the PCB, as shown in the diagram below. The two halves of the VSI can now be separated.

  4. Identify whether the Joystick is a MAID type or a JC2000 type, refer to the photograph below.

  5. If the Joystick is a JC2000, and you are not fitting a new Joystick Gaiter, remove the washer (as seen below) from within the existing Joystick Gaiter prior to fitting the new MAID Joystick.